Chelsea Collection Wall Rack

98 ر.س

This Chelsea Collection Wall Rack features a dark mahogany painted finish that accentuates plates, photographs and artwork on your walls. The piece is complete with vintage scroll accents that draw attention to your walls and decor. This piece holds 1 item 10"-14" in size.

  • Stylishly display plates, tiles, artwork and much more with the Chelsea Collection Wall Rack. This piece features a 1.75" bracket depth which is perfect for items 10"-14"
  • Display fine china and decorative plates on any wall
  • Features one circular hole for hanging at the bottom center of the piece and one at the lower center of the top design
  • This piece accentuates any wall
  • Size:9.2" W × 2" D × 22.25" H

يتميز حامل الحائط الحديدي من مجموعة شيلسيا بتشطيبات داكنة تبرز جمال اللوحات والصور والصحون الخاصة بك.

يمكن عرض القطع بمقاس 10 - 14 انش

سهل التثبيت على الحائط من خلال فتحات دائريه موجوده اعلى واسفل الحامل

المقاس: 9.2 انش عرض * 2 انش عمق * 22.25 انش طول

  • 98 ر.س

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